Trainwreck Music Videos

Sharpie Crows - Sheepskin - (2010) DOP Liam Gilmour: Prod/Dir/Edit/Effects Matt Richards
fsdf A very quick, ultra-low budget clip for one of my favourite bands of the past year or so. Sharpie Crows create one of the most un-nerving live experiences I've seen in ages. We shot this in about 4 hours at the bands warehouse in Collingwood. This also marks my first collaboration with Melbourne cinematographer Liam Gilmour.
Pikelet - Toby Light - (2010) DOP Jeremy Rouse : Prod/Dir/Edit/ Matt Richards
fsdf Our first shoot on the Canon 5D. We were really keen to try this stereo effect and Matt had been wanting to do something with a duckhunter for a long time. We had all sorts of crazy weather on this one as well as a reshoot on the performance element. Overall pretty excited by the strengths of the 5D and what would be possible with a better budget.
Charge Group - Lullaby For The Appocalypse - (2008) DOP Jeremy Rouse : Prod/Dir/Edit/Effects Matt Richards
fsdf Our first shoot on the RED camera. Very happy with the result on this one. We shot out in the goldfields of central Victoria over 2 days and all camped in the mountains. A string of 50 balloons filled with helium added an extra challenge in the often gale force winds.
Firekites - Same Suburb Different Park - (2008) DOP Jeremy Rouse : Prod/Dir/Online Matt Richards : Offline Nat VanDenDungen)
fsdf A Weekend shoot up in the beautiful port town of Newcastle, NSW for this one. Full HD production and quite a bit of effects work motion tracking timelapsed sparklers for flame. This was a fun clip and used the 4th law of 'Cocoon' with regard to life-breathing inanimate objects.
Pikelet - Bug In Mouth - (2007) DOP Jeremy Rouse/Matt Richards : Director/Editor Matt Richards)
fsdf Combining hundreds of still image sequences of live butterflies and plants, multiple matte setups, green screen and a couple of quirky effects shots we had our work cut out for us. The clip was shot in Melbourne Zoo, Lorne forest, a warehouse in Richmond and Warandyte national park. The key here was layered artist shots to match each of the different loops she plays.
Whiskey Go Go's - True Love - (2007) DOP Marden Dean: Director/Editor Matt Richards)
fsdf This was our first commercial job for Warner records. It's their concept and the idea was to mimic some of the live, studio shoots of the 1970's where we see the camera guys in the background.

16mm on old 1970's lenses. We shot it at an old studio near Wodonga on the NSW border.

Laura Jean - It's Supposed To Be Summer - (2006) DOP Jeremy Rouse : Director/Editor Matt Richards)
fsdf A chance to flex our softer side on this one with a beautiful clip from us for Melbourne musician Laura Jean. We spent days capturing timelapse photography of light moving around and across objects. The clip was shot in the same scout hall that the album was recorded in. This was a pleasure to make.

Children Collide - Amphibious - (2006) DOP Jeremy Rouse : Director/Editor Matt Richards)

fsdf Again ultra-low budget. This clip was ready to go over a year ago, but fell down. Inspired by the goofiness of 'The American Astronaut' it came together after meeting choeographer Alethea Jones at a favourite Melbourne watering hole. The thought process was something like, amphibious, fish, fish-creatures, flying-fish.. yeah
The Berzerker - All About You - (2006) DOP Jeremy Rouse : Director/Editor Matt Richards & Luke Kenny)
The idea here was to try and come up with something brutal that involved projections based on the bands artwork. We wanted to add a little something extra, so after great persuasion we incuded the bald, vulnerable man. This was a fairly involved job, and the budget allowed us to pool the resources of our good friend ED over at animal logic in Sydney for the 3D elements.
Purplene - Love :Western - (2005) DOP Jeremy Rouse : Director/Editor Matt Richards)
fsdf Pulling favours is the only way a clip like this gets made. With everything locked in and set to roll we managed to secure the use of a full theatre, sets, actors and a puppet the night before we were due to shoot. Shot over 3 days and nights this is
our proudest work yet and marks the first in our move towards 16mm film.
Tucker Bs - The Legs - (2005) DOP Jeremy Rouse : Director/Editor Matt Richards)
The only brief here was 'Non linear, Non narrative'. The clip was shot over 2 days and nights of reckless abandon, We 'borrowed' an endoscopic camera and burnt blue holes in sleep deprived eye sockets. The live stuff was shot again at the Hyde Park hotel and the house portion was shot in the bands familly home. Yes that is their grandma they are harassing. She had great fun trying to direct this, and we would have let her if any of us could understand what she was saying.
Purplene - The Battler - (2004) DOP Jeremy Rouse ; Director/Editor Matt Richards)
With one weeks notice and our brief being 'something around a fire' we quickly flew to sydney for a day and nights shoot in the amazing Blue Mountains. There was no script, the actors and were assigned chacter types. The entire shoot was improvised and very liberating to shoot.
Deloris - Playing The Spaces - (2004) DOP Jeremy Rouse : Director/Editor Matt Richards)
This was our first shoot under the Trainwreck banner and we really had fun making this. Shot in a costume designer’s studio in Melbourne over 12 hours.
We slowed the whole song down to 80% to achieve a slightly more animated look. The masks were theirs and kept us amused to no end.
Mukaizake - Pilot - (2003) Photographed by Marianne Barltrop and Matt Richards : Director/Editor Matt Richards)
This was the first clip and took nearly 3 months to complete, consisting of over 150 still images, all effected and animated. It was shot at the infamous Hyde Park hotel in North Perth and in their own studio.