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Eddy Current Suppression Ring Battles
Baseball Chicago Underground Trio
Colditz Glider The White Octave
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Purplene Karate/Geoff Farina
My Disco Volta Do Mar
The Tigers Cursive
Dead Farmers Halo Perfecto
Love Of Diagrams Chinup Chinup
Die!Die!Die! Pinback
Deloris Okkervil River
Eucalypt Relics
Mukaizake 764-Hero
International Karate Faraquet
Children Collide Sweet Thieves
The Nation Blue Off Minor
Left Hand Cuts The Right Ten Grand
The Instant LaSalle (ex-small brown bike/charlevoix)
Pikelet Daniel Striped Tiger
Chris Cobilis (tigers) Flashpapr
Batrider Tape Eaters
Aleks And The Ramps Sabot
Quebec Tornavalanche
Witch Hats The Shipping News
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