Please note that Matt is no longer running Darral's truck..

Matt is now running a lighting truck via Melbourne's largest gaffer Karl Engler.

This new truck is of a smaller size to Film trucks but with much newer gear.

The list below is the standard package. Anything else required can be added on request prior to the job at additional cost.



A Small truck with full film lighting kit is available for all jobs.

1 * 1.2k HMI PAR

1 * 1.2k HMI Fres

2* 4ft 4 bank kino (daylight & tungsten)

2* 2k blonde

2* 2k Fres

2* 1k Fres

2* 650w tungsten

2* 300w tungsten

2* 150w tungsten

2* 150w Dedo

12 C-stands

12 stands of various weight

6 cutters

2 floppy's

1 set of nets

4* 4ft diffusion frames 1/8,1/4,1/2,full

6ft*6ft frame with silver/gold bounce, diff, sail, grid, 2-stop & 1-stop net

2* 4ft foam bounce white

3* 4ft Hard reflectors silver, gold, mirror

10 shot bags

20* 10amp leads

2* 500w in-line dimmers

1* chinese lantern and 200w fixture


Full complement of Colour correction gels and diffusion including plus/minus green.


All gear is tagged and tested and in excellent condition.

There is however no grip gear included. This is a lighting truck only so you'll need to source blacks.

For tracking it is recommended to hire a grip or if the budget is tight a wally-dolly through VAHIRE



Matt - 0421 762 427

RATES (including labour for 1 operator. Additional operator add $450 per 10 hours)

$1050 per day for 10 hrs.

Overtime charged at 1.5 for the first 2 hours and double time thereafter.

Weekly and longer packages available on negotiation