Matt Richards (Producer/Director) was born in Perth, Western Australia and grew up all over WA. He started putting on 50c plays in his garage at age 10. Started skateboarding, filming and going to live shows at 15. He produced his first skate video with a hi-8 camera, VCR, Tandy mixer and portable tape deck,

He Completed a 3 year Advanced Diploma in Film & Television at the Western Australian School of Art and Design in 2000. This culminated in the award winning 16mm short drama 'Growing Jacobs Gold'.

After working freelance within the Perth Film industry for 3 years he moved to the east coast and started the production company Trainwreck 20/20. Here he has produced and directed a dozen music videos, completed a 4 year music document on the underground Australian rock/punk community 'The Super8 Diaries' and edited dozens of television commercials.

He currently runs Trainwreck 20/20 and a film lighting business, Film Trucks

His collaborative work with the SymbioticA art & science group has seen his work exhibited in Austria, Russia, Spain and New York.



Jeremy Rouse (DOP) My name is Jeremy Rouse. I am a Cinematographer.

I studied at film school in WA where I learnt the basic stuff. I then started working as a Camera Assistant. It was during those years watching professionals that I learnt a lot of the technical aspects involved in how to light and shoot. Whilst assisting I shot lots of music videos and shorts. More importantly, I watched heaps of films and started to get a better idea of what I thought looked good, what didn't and everything in between.

I like shooting most things (except wedding videos) and I like working with interesting people. And I write my own bio.


Trainwreck 20/20 was established in late 2004. The pair decided to join forces in order to take ownership have more input from a creative perspective. Guided by their incredibly good humour and artistic sensitivity, they have managed to hone and refine their skills on a great number of projects.

The Trainwreck team fluctuates in size from time to time depending on the projects at hand. We have access to gear and professional crew in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth and are willing to collaborate with others just about anywhere round the globe.

We can facilitate projects of any budget and our rates are highly competitive.



Marden Dean (DOP)Marden is an award winning cinematographer who works across the board on drama, documentaries, music videos and commercials. He has completed an MA in cinematography at the Australian Television and Radio School and has gone on to enjoy close, adventurous collaborations which have taken him around the globe. He has shot films that have screened in several international film festivals that include Sydney and Melbourne International Film festivals, Palm Springs, Flickerfest, Tribeca and the Dendy Awards amongst many more.


Trainwreck 20/20 is Based in Melbourne, Australia

Mail to:


66 Harcourt Street

North Melbourne



contact : Matt – // +61 (0) 421 762 427