Live Clips From America

July 07. Matt spent the month traveling the East Coast of the United States and Canada. 50 bands watched in 30 days. Here is a selection of some of the bands filmed during the trip. DVD coming soon. (RIGHT CLICK, SAVE TARGET AS)

Gomek - ORLANDO, Florida, U.S - filmed at Chathamfest MA - DOP/Editor Matt Richards

These guys play an absolutely brutal, explosive style of harcore. They stopped by Chatham in the middle of their own East Coast tour. Nice guys.

Infectious energy and they looked like they were into it 100%

Bakula - BRIGHTON, Massachusetts, U.S - filmed at the Midway Cafe, Boston MA - DOP/Editor Matt Richards

Great mathy, more-atonal Karate type of thing. This was at a great dive bar in the Jamaica Plains hood of Boston. All ages bar, no hassle.

Sadly this band is no longer. Check the marching kick.

Weird Apples - Guelph, Ontario CAN - filmed at E-bar, Guelph ON - DOP/Editor Matt Richards

After trekking out to Niagra falls I caught this album launch for one of my fav old left field hip-hop cats Noah23.

I've got an interview with him too that I'll put up at some point.

The Marie Antoinette - Chatham, Massachusetts, U.S - Filmed at Chathamfest MA - DOP/Editor Matt Richards

These guys were great.

Hard to put my finger on it but there is definately an emotional honesty and intensity that only comes out with the exhuberance of youth.


Cut Down The Tall Trees - Chatham Massachusetts, U.S - Filmed at Chathamfest MA - DOP/Editor Matt Richards

Max on vocals here was kind enough to put me up at his house for 3 days with the lovely Kat. They're whole crew really made me feel welcome over there.

Crazy stop/start locust-ish tech.

Relics - Amherst Massachusetts U.S - Filmed at Chathamfest MA - DOP/Editor Matt Richards

Brutal as all hell, female fronted post hardore/grind.

Meg is no longer in the band, instead focussing on her other band AMPERE.

These guys left jaws dropped all over the place.

Sweet Thieves - Providence Rhode Island, U.S - Filmed at Chathamfest MA - DOP/Editor Matt Richards

Great, Great band. Following on from the fugazi/Karate school of indie punk these guys were really impressive.

Great hooks, tone, vocals and breakdowns

Lovely people too.