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NRI - 60sec national TVC (2009) Dir M Richards : Prod B Guerrin : DOP M Dean

Trainwreck 20/20's first commercial. Matt also did the storyboards over a period of several weeks of script refinements.

It premiered at the NRI trade conference in Brisbane in October 2009.

The spot is designed to be cut into a series of state-specific, 30 second TVC's. These will go to air in the first half of 2010. The use of Voice Over and radio allowing for simple re-edits without the need for re-shoots.

The aim with this one was to raise the production values and bring this small scale independent company in line with some of the bigger players in their field while at the same time keeping a small, warm 'local' feel.

We had a minimal crew and shot on the RED camera through 2 days of pouring rain and storms. Locations were based around the Victorian town of Euroa.



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